New York Red Bulls x Daniel Patrick 

New York Red Bulls x Daniel Patrick 

adidas and New York Red Bulls have collaborated with luxury sportswear designer @DanielPatrick_ to create a unique jersey for 23/24 MLS season, which gives a nod to the seasons of yesteryear.

This kit is a first for the club,  which sees the Red Bulls give @DanielPatrick_  the license to have his distinct yellow/blue tie-dye stamp from his streetwear culture brand, flowing through this season’s, sure to be standout jersey.




The light yellow and blue shades are a nod to the years of club cult heroes Henry, Wright-Phillips, Adams, Kljestan to name just a few. But the design goes even further, with Daniel’s signature featured on the kit’s tag with the featured coordinates leading to centre circle of Red Bull Arena.






Further details such as the worded motif the jersey alludes to the repeated patterns seen in high-end luxury designs. The words and symbols act together to create an overall sense of motion. All in all, this is Daniel Patrick’s kit, as much as it is a Red Bull’s kit. 




There’s no ‘home’ or ‘away’ with these jerseys. New York is Red. That’s undisputed for Red Bull fans. Daniel Patrick and Red Bull have simply shown us that there’s no reason to define a kit. And who could disagree when you look at these works of art.






You can purchase the New York Red Bulls jersey for the 23/24 season here.

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