Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor Jogo Prismático

Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor Jogo Prismático

Nike have today released the Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor Jogo Prismático. The prismatic elements of Neymar Jr. serve as the inspiration for Nike’s special edition Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor Jogo Prismático.

The boot's design aims to reflect the embodiment of the player. The expression Nike are choosing for this...

"Neymar Jr. never stops inventing, refracting the harsh glare of the spotlight into a brilliant spectrum of athleticism."



They go further...

"The bold expression of all he brings on and off the pitch, Neymar Jr.’s latest player edition boot is packed with character and weaves in elements of Neymar Jr. and Nike Football history throughout its design."

Come on nike, I'm sorry you're better than all this pretentious nonsense. It's a jazzy pattern that utilises a spectrum of colours across the successful Mercurial fit we all know and some may love.

References to the players leg tattoos, ( he has the words 'daring' and 'joy' on them) on the heel seem a tired link. As does featuring stars of his first Mercurial player edition — the 2017 “Written in the Stars” Mercurial Vapor  — hidden amongst the kaleidoscopic print. 

For us this feels like a lazy release that simply just ticks a box in the player and brand's contractual obligations.

The designs eye catching, yes – this we like. But is it really pushing the boundaries in the way in which it claims? We don't think so.



Want our advice? Save your money – nike can do better! For the price they'll be asking for a pair of these, you'd be better placed waiting for what they have in store for when the nations leagues finally restart again. And they WILL have something up their sleeves. Whenever that will be...

For those of you who dig the design and its motives, the Neymar Jr. Mercurial Vapor Jogo Prismático is available from today on


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