Nike today have released the PhantomVSN 2 presents a revamped boot with a different kind of fit, bolstered textures that presents the user with an easy foot entry, giving confidence to the attacking players on the pitch.

The upper part of the boot is constructed with a symmetrical Flyknit external layer, along with the external heel clip is notched for better lateral containment. This in turn adds structure and support to one of the main irritation zones. We’re not completely sure what this means but we’ll take their science as truth.



Like its predecessor, the PhantomVSN 2 carries the concealed Ghost Lace system. The fancy lace-tech, (if we can call it that) allows an even strike surface and one-pull fit customisation, along with Quadfit technology, a stretchable mesh that provides foot lockdown. Still with us? Great – we sort of understand the science as well!?



According to the boffins over at Nike’s football tech labs, players want some slip on the outside of their foot (so when they are dribbling they don’t get stuck on the ball). However, they also need containment on the side, where most of the balls are received and passed.


Furthermore … wait we’ll stop there. We’re lost and quite simply, don’t quite understand the wonderful science anymore.

Let’s just say the boot fits like a glove, feels great, looks smart but that we’re simply not good enough to wear them!

If you think that you are, you can get your hands on a pair as of January 23rd from You won’t have to bother tying up your laces anymore and it’s inevitable that people may want to kick you that little bit more. But you’ll look the b******s. Probably.


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