Nike Mercurial Dream Speed

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed

Nike is introducing a new series of Mercurial boots designed for the needs of the fastest football players on earth.

The series, Nike Mercurial Dream Speed, features unique design interpretations of speed to be unveiled one at a time during the next several seasons.

The first Nike Mercurial Dream Speed edition follows the theme of the DNA of speed. It outlines technical details found in a Mercurial schematic, such as perforation patterns, registration marks, crop lines, colour codes, a scale ruler and other graphic elements that show how the boot is built. The bold blue colour-way takes cues from blueprints.







With a metallic finish, subtle sparkling laces and a magnified faded Swoosh on the upper, the boot embodies movement even when it’s standing still. A 10A and 73P code stand for the colours white and barely volt, respectively, the two hues displayed across Nike’s logo.

On the lateral side of the heel, a 001 logo shines with an iridescent finish, signalling the first iteration of the series. The 44.7 km/h speed next to the strike zone represents a dream speed for any footballer.





The Nike Mercurial Dream Speed releases 3rd October on and will be debuted on pitch exclusively by Sam Kerr, Kylian Mbappé and Cristiano Ronaldo.


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