nss sports release Les Vêtements de Football

nss sports release Les Vêtements de Football

Five years after the first drop and coinciding with the 10th anniversary of nss magazine, Les Vêtements de Football is back. 

The nss sports project celebrates the football jersey by giving it a new life where it is brought closer to the world of fashion. To celebrate the anniversary, nss created a book illustrating every aspect of the love story called Les Vêtements de Football, which is available for pre-order on the nss store.





 For its first ever edition, the book features the images and shots of every LVDF drop made along with two editorials dedicated to the new collection. Inspired by the return of the Y2K trend, the editorials are narrated by two authentic pioneers of the relationship between fashion and football at the turn of the Millennium: Djibril Cissé and Francesco Coco. 





The photo book Les Vêtements de Football 2017 - 2022 offers a reflection on how our relationship towards football jerseys has changed during these five years, especially at a time when bootleg culture and the relationship between football and fashion have reached their pinnacle.





Along with the book comes a new apparel drop from LVDF, entitled The Anniversary Issue. The drop consists of a collection of soccer jerseys with updated graphics and applications which still maintain the idea and identity that has always represented Les Vêtements de Football. The Anniversary Issue drop will also be available from December 5 on the nss store.





You can grab your copy of the LVDF Anniversary book here.

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