S.S.C. North Jersey, The Family Club – From Born Offside

S.S.C. North Jersey, The Family Club – From Born Offside

For those who never had the makings of a varsity athlete… Società Sportiva Calcio North Jersey (SSCNJ) is a family run club that comes before everything – your wife, your children, your mother, your father, it's a thing of honour.

Backed by local pork store Satriale’s, SSCNJ are a cornerstone of the community. From the gabagool to the offside rule, you know where we stand.

So what’s it all about?

A blue home shirt; evoking memories of Naples that would get Furio Giunta excited and a subtle black away shirt, for those laying low. Adorned with Soprano 3; the name and number of our infamous skipper.



Made to order on Kappa shirts from the old country.  This is a club that should be treated with the upmost respect.

Cult Kits caught up with Mark from Born Offside to find out a bit more detail… I mean, it’s the Sopranos so we’d be stupid not to.

CK: First things first  – who do you support?

Mark: Man United. My Dad was a Red and took my brother and I to our first games at Old Trafford. Big Phil, as he was known, drove us from Toulouse to Camp Nou in ’99 when we couldn’t afford direct flights. Legend.

CK: How did the project come about?

Mark: Like most of us, I’ve spent the majority of lockdown watching football and whatever is decent on TV but The Sopranos set the bar so high I chose to re-watch it for the 6th or 7th time rather than start a new series. It’s so layered, I notice something new in every episode.



CK: What's the driver for the project and has it made you think about producing more themed concept shirts?

Mark: There wasn’t any Sopranos merch that I wanted to wear, then I saw Furio in his Napoli tracksuit and it got me thinking - how about a football shirt that is true to the Neapolitan roots of the DiMeo crime family? That’s how S.S.C. North Jersey was born.

I’ve got a few ideas for future concepts, but I don’t want to churn out shirt after shirt. Every project has got to hold its own. 



CK: Kappa – we’re assuming the Italian connection made them a no brainer as the shirt suppliers?

Mark: Exactly that. Kappa are the sickest Italian sports brand, not just for their connection in football and especially with Napoli, but also the 90s rave and Britpop scene over here. I’ve been in love with that logo since I was a kid and I’ve got big plans for it next year.



CK: What does Born Offside have planned for the Euros, anything good?

Mark: Football’s coming home. As always, right on schedule, every two years. I just hope the boozers can stay open and England put in a decent performance like they did in Russia. Will get the Gazza Dentist chair t-shirt restocked in time for the Scotland match!

CK: With everything that's going on with the proposed plans around a Super League, how do you see football evolving and possibly even recover from this?

Mark: Not ashamed to say it, I was close to tears when Man United announced their involvement. It broke my heart and I was prepared to walk away from the club I was sure would be with me my whole life. Thankfully it fell apart in 48 hours, but we need regulations in place to protect the game from these parasitic owners.



CK: If you could collaborate with anyone – who would that be?... we're assuming it's Cult Kits?...

Mark: Obviously Cult Kits, but I’ve got a lot of love for Umbro: founded above a pub in Wilmslow, two brothers and a sewing machine ended up supplying kits to the world’s greatest football teams. I’d love to rework some of their classic 90s patterns.

CK: How do you see football shirts evolving over the coming seasons – do you think clubs will be looking to release more collaborative jerseys – for example FIFA inspired jerseys?

Mark: I like the return to original patterns. For too long clubs have had the same kits, just in different colours. The new Dortmund one is dope, although Puma owe OG Nike designer Drake Ramberg a few steins for that design.

I’m showing my age here, but I haven’t played FIFA for a long time. I was a Pro Evo man. Trad Bricks v Yorkshire when you had to painstakingly edit all the names. Kids today don’t know they’re born!



CK: Anything you want to shout about?

Mark: Now we have seen off the Super League can we boycott the Qatar World Cup? Over 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since they won the right to host it - that’s more than twice the amount of people that died on 9/11. 15 of the 22 FIFA delegates who awarded the tournament to Qatar are either banned from football for life, suspended or imprisoned.

This week has proven we can achieve great things when we come together.



The shirts are only available at www.bornoffsideuk.com


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