Meyba had a sort of exotic aura in the 80s and early 90s.

For a decade, The Spanish brand was manufacturer of Barca’s famous blaugrana stripes, not to mention the jerseys of Espanyol, Atlético Madrid and Real Betis.

Founded by José Mestre and Joaquín Ballbé (or ‘Me-y-Ba’), the business started out as a swimwear brand - but all that changed in 1981 when Meyba won the contract to supply FC Barcelona’s kits.




Managed by Cruyff and with star players like Laudrup, Koeman, Bakero and a young Pep Guardiola, the Catalan giants went down in the history books as the Dream Team.

And Meyba, with its unmistakable curly ‘M’ logo, became synonymous with football’s greatest club side. But as quickly as the brand had emerged, it seemed it was gone.



They’re back again, though – and this time under the creative direction of football shirt tsar Neal Heard, author of A Lover’s Guide to Football Shirts. (We spoke to Neal for Episode 3 of the Football Shirt Pod).



“Football is rapidly changing and here at Meyba we believe it’s a whole new ball game,” he said. “Never before has football teamwear been so linked to fashion and streetwear - the two are fusing.

“Football apparel is now seen as an essential part of a modern wardrobe - just think of all the recent developments with teamwear appropriation both on and off the pitch.”



The re-launch will see a range of stylish pieces influenced by the football/streetwear crossover.

But it’s not all fashion - Meyba are also in discussions with different clubs to partner with as technical kit suppliers and will have announcements to make over the coming months.

In a landscape increasingly dominated by the mega brands, it’s refreshing to see the revival of one of football’s most special heritage names.



“We want to resurrect the brand but not to be a brand just linked to nostalgia - one looking from deep footballing roots to the bright new future,” says Neal.


“Quite simply we aim to make Meyba the coolest football brand out there.”


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