Cult Kits teams up with third year fashion student, Patrik Platko to create a unique 'uniforms' collection made from carefully pre loved football shirts, which aims to challenge the world of throw away fashion.

It's a question we are asked about almost daily across social media... "What are you going to do with all the 'unsellable/overly-loved' football shirts?". Well, after receiving a DM from third year fashion student, Patrik Platko, we decided now is the time to answer this ever running question. 

Patrik, a Slovakian national and now in his final year at Coventry University is setting out to prove that unwanted items in the 'uniform' fashion world can not only go on to become statement pieces but can also solve fashions dirty 'non secret' ... what to do with the waste? He's by no means claiming he's found the answer but he is hoping to challenge the status quo.

The project started with a trip to our offices in sunny Swindon and Patrik explaining to us what he was hoping to find amongst the some twelve plus, (mail bags full) of 'unwanted' football shirts. No, easy job. "I can't believe just how many you have here!" was Patrik's response to almost every bag which was opened, after he meticulously went through each one. Carefully selecting shirts of footballing legends and teams from across the football world.


cult kits patrik collab studio image


As we observed Patrik's excitement at the vast quantity available to him, it was clear to us the designer cogs were turning for him. Each shirt was met with what he wanted to do with the shirt and in some cases, challenged his original idea of what he had planned for the collection.


"For some outfits/designs, I want to show how people and workers are glad of what organisation or institution they are apart of and how proudly they wear their uniforms."

Choosing six professions, each carefully created piece intends to represent the soul of the group/workers it represents. Patrik just had to choose football as one, not just because of his love for the game, but for the vast array of options each jersey offers. The different cuts, colours, stitching variants – the list goes on.


cult kits patrik platko collaboration

cult kits patrik platko collaboration


"Uniforms can definitely be fun and very fashionable garments at the same time."


cult kits patrik platko collaboration - adidas & depop


Patrik's approach is to focus on two key approaches; to upcycle and repurpose unwanted or damaged uniforms. He's keeping the sourcing of new fabrics, (less than 10%) and consciously forcing himself to use what's in front of him. Patrik will be re imagining not only clothing, but also hopes to create accessories and jewellery to complement the collection.


cult kits patrik platko collaboration


The collection production is also aiming to challenge the usual production process, "when you are producing garments from scratch, you really just need a good pattern and the fabrics that you want to use for it. You're then ready to start cutting the pattern pieces and get sewing."


cult kits patrik platko collaboration


Patrik continues... "Seam ripping and deconstructing it. Most people and designers I see online, only cut alongside the seams and I don’t really like that because I think sometimes you get rid of the most beautiful details of the garment, especially on the denim. Which is what I am most comfortable working with. The different washes and details hidden in the seams or under the pockets for example, are must haves in the finished reconstructed piece for me."


cult kits patrik platko collaboration


Patrik's goal is to show people that in his words, 'that anything that was fashion can be fashion again'.  His collection hopes to show that garments only need a few more tweaks before they can begin life again in another form. Since the age of fifteen, Patrik has been sourcing pre loved clothing. It's resulted in pursuing a career in fashion which not only questions the ethics of the world he wants to work in, but also breathe life into old and unwanted pieces.


"I really want other people to see older and bit damaged garments in a different way."


So, what do his tutors and colleagues at the University of Coventry think about his proposed collection? Unsurprisingly, they're fans and now want to see how he'll express his take on the thorny issue of sustainability in fashion. Critical at times, Patrik is utilising the feedback to question his choice of cut, tweak the overall design and of course challenge the functionality of his creations.


cult kits patrik platko collaboration


The collection is a demonstration of how consumers are now thinking more deeply than ever before, when it comes to styling 'what to wear' with a football shirt. Or even how to wear it. With the football shirt world transcending just match days, Patrik hopes to push the thinking around this type of football shirt even further.

Taking inspiration from designers such as Martin Rose, Patrik wants to show a broader thinking behind what a football shirt is and can be. His inspirations also include the likes of Balenciaga with Adidas, who have used badges, stripes, more subtle logos on the football silhouettes. Ultimately resulting in experimenting with the fit of their garments, unlike usual processes.


cult kits patrik platko collaboration - Martin Rose


cult kits patrik platko collaboration - Balenciaga with Adidas


Judging by Patrik's passion for his final year collection, it is clear this young designer is going places. He's certainly a designer who's progress into the fashion world Cult Kits shall be keeping a close eye on.

You can follow Patrik's work and progress here.


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