Ten of the Best Der Klassiker Kits

Ten of the Best Der Klassiker Kits

This Saturday Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will meet for the 128th time. While the Bavarians come out on top in the ‘wins’ column the crown for the best dressed is much less clear.

From the classic sturdiness of Die Roten to the madness of the boys from Westphalia, they’ve both served up some stone-cold classics over the years. We’ve collaborated with our friends at COPA90 and dug into the archives, to pick out ten of the very best. So, in honour of the forthright spirit of the Germans – let’s just get on with it.


Bayern 93 - 95 home



Spark’s memories of Lothar Matthaus covering every blade of grass in his big shirt with its big, muscular sash. Imposing and beautiful in equal measure


Bayern 95 - 97 away



As worn by Bayern in the triumphant 95/96 UEFA Cup final, the design was such a hit that it was carried over to the next season. They then proceeded to win the Bundesliga in it. Pedigree. 


Bayern 89 - 91 home



A smart crew neck number, a shirt you could set your watch to. Adidas kept it simple with a big badge and an Adidas trefoil and really, what more do you need? You can buy the shirt here.


Bayern 96 - 97 home



It was a bold call to go back to stripes for the first time in over two decades, but the end product was undeniably good. A kit befitting of the 1996/97 Bundesliga champs.


Bayern 93 - 95 Away



In a sea of red and blue Bayern kits this yellow and green offering sticks out like a sore thumb, and honestly that’s not a bad thing. Live a little ya crazy Bavarians.


Dortmund 94 - 95 home



Quite simply one of the coolest kits of the 90’s, and that's before factoring in the successes it saw. Nike gave Dortmund wings, and they flew. Pretty damn iconic.


Dortmund 96 - 97 away



There are few better matches in the kit world than the partnership of Dortmund and Die Continentale and with this smart away shirt from 96 the sponsor is undeniably the star.


Dortmund 93/94 home



The wackiest design of the heady Nike days, the streaky black and *very yellow* shirt even featured a slanted number on its back. It’s a shirt emblematic of Dortmund in the 90’s. Brilliantly mental.


Dortmund 98/00 home



All good things must end and by 1998 Dortmund were reaching retina burning levels of neon. A return to the softer shade days of yore was not unwelcome. Lovely little sponsor too.


Dortmund 13/14 Cup home shirt (Champions League)



One of the very best offerings of the Puma era. It helps that it was donned by Dortmund on their way to dramatically topping one of the great Champions League groups. You can buy the shirt here.


Words by Andy Gallagher
Produced in collaboration with Copa90


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