The fusion of football shirts with renowned fashion brands has seriously ramped up in recent years. There was once a time when those shiny pieces of polyester that we love so much were only for the preserve of the die-hard fan. But no more.

The amalgamation of athletic heritage and high-end design has sparked a revolution, transforming traditional sports attire into iconic fashion statements.

The terrace has met the runway's glamour, resulting in limited-edition masterpieces that have captivated football fans and fashion aficionados alike.

Here are our ten of our favourite collabs.


10 - Anderlecht X Arte X Joma

Arte is a premium Belgian fashion label that takes its inspiration from streetwear culture. The brand hooked up with RSC Anderlecht and manufacturer Joma to produce this stylish design.


Anderlecht Fashion Collaboration Shirt

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9 - Vicenza Lotto X Diesel

Based in the Veneto region of Italy, Vicenza is well known for its fashion houses. One brand that hails from the area is Diesel, so it was a natural collaboration when the city’s football club and the streetwear label joined forces to produce this shirt. The kit - entitled "ICON" - reinterprets tradition in a futuristic composition.



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8 - Monaco X Kappa X Drole de Monsieur

Monaco, a club synonymous with luxury, partnered with Drole de Monsieur, an avant-garde fashion label to produce this beauty, made by Kappa.  This partnership melds Monaco's regal heritage with Kappa's functional design and Drole de Monsieur's contemporary flair. Our verdict: wearable art.


Monaco X Kappa X Drole de Monsieur


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7 - Ajax x Adidas X Daily Paper

The link-up between Ajax and Daily Paper is a celebration of Amsterdam's rich cultural tapestry. Daily Paper is a cutting-edge fashion brand rooted in African heritage and this partnership seamlessly marries Ajax's iconic red and white with the label’s vibrant, contemporary designs. The result? A shirt that is not just a garment but a cultural statement.


Ajax X Adidas X Daily Paper


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6 - AC Milan X Puma X Nemen

The AC Milan and Nemen collaboration is a testament to Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design. AC Milan's storied legacy meets Nemen's innovative approach, resulting in football shirts that harmonise tradition and modernity. The pattern takes inspiration from the spy-camouflage used when supercar prototypes are tested to obstruct industrial espionage, apparently.


AC Milan X Puma X Nemen


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5 - Juventus X Adidas X Palace

The Juventus and Palace collaboration merged Italian football grandeur with British streetwear flair. Together, they crafted football shirts that blended Juventus' iconic black and white stripes with Palace's bold graphics.


Juventus X Adidas X Palace


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4 - Napoli X Kappa X Marcelo Burlon

The Napoli and Marcelo Burlon collaboration is a vibrant fusion of Italian passion and contemporary design. Burlon’s signature feathered wings characterise the design, stretching from shoulder to shoulder in contrasting blue against a black and yellow backdrop for home and away respectively.


Napoli X Kappa X Marcelo Burlon


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3 - Roma X New Balance X Aries

The Roma and Aries collaboration marries the rich history of Rome's football with London-based Aries' cutting-edge streetwear. Roma's iconic colours meet Aries' bold graphics, resulting in football shirts that bridge the gap between heritage and contemporary style.




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2 - PSG X Nike X Jordan Collaboration

Like it or not, this has been a game-changing partnership. The Jordan Brand reportedly paid 200 million Euros for the first three years of the deal and an additional 67m Euros for the extension of the deal into a fourth year.




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1 - Bari X Kappa X LC23

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