7 GOAT WC Shirts - Enland squad - Italia 90

The 7 GOAT World Cup Shirts

The age old debate that's been raging in pubs across the land for decades.

What is the GREATEST World Cup shirt of all time? There's a wealth to choose from, that's why it makes it such a fiddle to decide. But international shirts transcend borders. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a Croatia shirt from 1998 even if you're French. International shirts hold a special place in everyone's memory and those that featured at a world cup bring back all the vibes of that tournament.

Take the South Africa World Cup in 2010, every time we see a shirt from that tournament, all we can hear is the buzz of Vuvuzelas. We thought it was ample time to end the debate of the greatest World Cup shirt of all time. So we've featured 7 of the greatest and ranked them up right up the top spot. But who gets the crown? 🫅

7 - Trinidad and Tobago 2006

wc-goat shirts-t-t

A stunner of a shirt that almost always goes under the radar. Well not this time. The all red, shirt, shorts and socks make this one a head-turner. Kenwyne Jones featured in this kit, the streets never forget that mans heading ability.

6 - Colombia 2014

wc-goat shirts-colombia


Who can forget James Rodriguez' volley against Uruguay? Shirt aside for a second, that was a GOAT World Cup goal. Columbia had the shirt to match in 2014, really clean work from adidas. 

5 - Nigeria 2018

wc-goat shirts-nigeria


A modern icon, a thing of legend already. This shirt went straight into iconic status the day it was released. The pattern from Nike broke every rule in the book and we love it.

4 - Japan 2018

wc-goat shirts-japan


We simply can't have a World Cup GOAT shirt list and Japan aren't on it. They've had some stunner shirts over the years but 2018 is hard to top. The blue shirt, shorts and socks are a treat, with the white adidas three-stripes. The fine detailing on the shirt just adds a cherry on top. And that double flag? Iconic. 


3 - England 1990

wc-goat shirts-england


We're not being bias, this is just a killer shirt. England and Umbro were a deadly combo and everything came together here in 1990. England had a great tournament and that collar has inspired many the modern shirt since. 


2 - France 1998

wc-goat shirts-france


They won it in 1998 which gives this shirt an extra sprinkle of stardust. This French 1998 shirt is the epitome of classic football. Oversized fit, Breton stripe, the gold badge. Everything here just sings. An unbelievably cool shirt.  


1 - Brazil 2002

wc-goat shirts-brazil


It has to be, right? That 2002 line up is just outrageous. It's insane all those players played together in the same tournament. If they ran out the tunnel now it would be an exhibition match for every fixture. The shirt is just everything you want it to be, it's the most desirable shirt for football fans world over. And they really did play like Brazil in it. 

So there you have it, Brazil 2002 comes out on top. Ronaldinho's antics and Ronaldo's goals push this shirt into GOAT territory. Forget being from Brazil, any football fan in the world would be lucky to have this one in their collection.

Do you agree? 

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