With 2023 drawing to a close, we thought it right to look back in judgement on the year’s best shirts. The good news is there are plenty of future classics to choose from, with manufacturers seriously upping their game.

So here we go then, the (undisputed) 20 best shirts from 2023.


20 – Real Valladolid (Home)

real vol

Spanish second division club Real Valladolid got the Kappa treatment in 2023 and the result was this masterpiece. Extremely, extremely maravilloso. Shop ALL Spanish clubs here.


 19 – FC Porto (Home)



porto new balance


Since teaming up with New Balance in 2015, Porto have been treated to some great shirts but this might just be the pick of the bunch. Shop ALL Portuguese clubs here.


18 – Arsenal (Home)

arsenal adidas

Inspired by the kit worn by the Gunners during their 2003/04 ‘Invincibles’ season 20 years ago, Arsenal’s 2023/24 kit is a modern classic. The addition of a lightning bolt pattern is a lovely touch. Shop ALL Arsenal shirt here.


17 – Minnesota United (Home)

minnesota adidas

Minnesota’s Northern Lights kit is a visual delight, made even better by Target’s understated sponsor logo and the club’s sensational crest. Shop ALL MLS shirt here.


16 – Leeds United (Away)

leeds adidas away

Inspired by one of the club's nicknames, the shirt features an eye-catching peacock-inspired print on the front and an early '80s team badge on the back neck. Shop ALL UK club shirts here.


15 – Lyon (Away)

lyon adidas

OL’s 2023/24 home shirt is great and the extremely jazzy third jersey could also make this list but, for us, the blue away, complete with retro club badge, is the stand-out. Shop ALL French clubs here.


14 – Ajax (Home)

ajax adidas

The centre-aligned badge and adidas logo combined with thick red body make this a classic Ajax shirt. Shop ALL Ajax shirts here.


13 – Brighton & Hove Albion (away)

brighton nike

Green and black stripes make for an unusual combo but we think this is great. Inspired by the Seagulls’ 2012/13 away kit, Nike’s effort for 2023/24 is nearly as easy on the eye as Roberto de Zerbi’s team. Shop ALL Premier League shirts here.


12 – Juventus (Away)

juventus adidas

Juventus's customary stripes are turned 90 degrees for rugby-style hoops on this one – and if you look closely, they're actually mountainous-patterned bands across the top rather than thick blocks of colour. That's, of course, to represent the Alps on the outskirts of Turin. Shop ALL Juventus shirts here.


11 – RB Leipzig (Away)

rb leipzig nike

Not everyone’s cup of team are they, RB Leipzig, but they do look great in this Nike away shirt. Shop all German club shirts here.


10 – Real Madrid (Away)

real madrid adidas

Real Madrid in all black conjures memories of Ronaldo and Raul and Roberto Carlos so this colourway makes a welcome return. We really love the blacked-out adidas stripes down the sleeves. Shop ALL Real Madrid shirts here.


9 – Benfica (Away)

benfica adidas

The five stripes of different colours are said to be ‘representative of the five continents’ and the millions of Benfica supporters all over the world. Looks good, anyway. Shop ALL Benfica shirts and training here.


8 – Fiorentina (Away)

fiorentina kappa

Kappa. Again. A floral sash and detailing on the arm, you say? Yes please. Shop ALL Italian club shirts here.


 7 – Carlisle United (Home)

carlisle umbro

Inspired by Carlisle’s 1993 kit, Umbro’s 2023/24 offering is a very welcome visual assault. Some have compared it to the fabric on a bus seat, which we reckon is a compliment if anything. Shop ALL UK clubs here.


6 – Inter Milan (Third)

inter milan nike

The Nerazzurri’s third jersey pays homage to their orange shirt worn at the turn of the Millenium (when Andrea Pirlo was among the club’s stars). The 2023/24 reboot is a fine tribute. Shop ALL Inter Milan football shirts here.


5 – AIK Stockholm Edition

aik nike

How many great shirts have AIK had in recent years? A lot, that’s how many. The Stockholm edition shirt is another beauty to add to the club’s dazzling back catalogue. Shop ALL European club shirts here.


4 – AFC Wimbledon (Third)

afc wimbledon umbro

This shirt is dedicated to the Dons’ kit from 1996/97, one of the most successful in the club’s history. Absolutely screams Vinnie Jones smashing into someone before making a ball shape with his hands. Shop ALL UK club shirts here.


3 – Venezia (Away)

venezia kappa

Another batch of insanely beautiful kits for Venezia this season… again – but this is the pick of the bunch. Too pretty for football. Shop ALL Spanish club shirts here.


2 – AS Roma (Home)

as roma adidas

Another club who have been treated to three outstanding kits this year. The home just nicks it for us – inspired by the 1992/93 jersey worn by Aldair and Francesco Totti, the kit honours the proud traditions of the Giallorossi, most significantly with that beautiful Lupetto crest. Shop ALL AS Roma shirt here.


1 – Athens Kallithea FC (Third)

ak athens third kappa 

It had to be a Kappa shirt, didn’t it? All of Athens Kallithea's kits for the 2023/24 season could be on this list but the gold third is the finest of the trio – and just too gorgeous not to be number one. A thing of beauty. Shop ALL Greek club shirts here.

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