The TOP 20 Shirt Releases for the '23/24 Season

The BEST Shirt Releases for the '23/24 Season

From Roma to Lyon, Leeds to Napoli… we've seen some incredible football shirts be released this side of the 2023/24 season. We've also seen some shockers. But this list is all about the beauties to hit some of the biggest leagues across the world.

Now, we don't claim to know it all. But we do know that there will be some shirts in here you'll fundamentally disagree with... and that's OK.

So, here's our ever-evolving list of football shirts that have hit all the right notes amongst the shirt loving community.


Liverpool - Nike


At first glance you could be forgiven to think this is a lazy, nod back to the Heskey and Owen years at Anfield. Look a little closer and you'll see the finer details and just how clean the cut of this shirt is. Less is more has been proven with this shirt.


AC Milan - Puma


That overall print, the singular vertical red and black stripe and the inverted badge. 
This is good. Puma have done good.

Leeds United - adidas


An all over animal print is always a risk. Peacock feather repeat, even more so. But this, my friends is a winner. Leeds should be promoted back to the Prem just off of the back of this design, in our opinion.

Sampdoria - Macron


Macron have come along way in their kit designs in recent years. This season's third shirt for Sampdoria is our pick of their designs for this season.


Athens Kallithea - Kappa


cult kits Athens Kallithea 23/34 home shirt

You need to pre order this shirt. Why? Because it's going to sell out in minutes, you can count on this.


Napoli - EA7



The badge pops on this one. Ajax and adidas just works. Trust us... Buy this shirt.


FC Porto - New Balance


FC Porto consistently release good, clean kits. And this season's away shirt (a golden yellow) befits their 130th year.


Napoli - EA7



There's an age old romance in liking a Napoli shirt. They just seem to embody football. Their 23/24 home shirt continues this tradition for us.


AFC Wimbledon - Umbro


It's possible that AFC Wimbledon now have the greatest shirt in the UK. Everyone now wants this shirt... EVERYONE! And looking at it, it's not hard to see why, is it.


Manchester United - adidas


Stripes, stripes and more stripes. But it's the colourway here that's got our hearts racing. 


Venezia Home - Kappa


It's marmite, we get it. But you can't deny they're trying to push the dial a bit. And that needs applauding in our opinion.


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Union Berlin - adidas



The green and gold. You had us at the green and the gold! Throw in a type only neutral sponsor and we'll go to bed with you. Bravo Union B.


Shop ALL German clubs here.


Toronto - adidas



Centred badge and logo lock-ups in a two tone colour... Yes, please. Perfect summer/festival attire.


Shop ALL US clubs here.


PSV - Puma


Less is more. Let's just leave it at that, shall we. It's fresh as f#*k.


Shop ALL Dutch clubs here.


Leeds - adidas



Sometimes it's just best to do what the fans want. A wanting based on years of tradition. This offering from adidas for the Leeds faithful honours a tradition of super clean white.


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FC Volendam - Robey


Any team that features a local produce such as eels, (yes eels) as their main creative source for a season's shirt, gets our vote of approval.


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Brighton - Nike


Brighton shirts seem to have an undeniable pull don't they. This one's colourway has a quality we can't put our finger on. But we can't stop looking at it... make of that what you will.


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Benfica - adidas


Everything about this shirt is a winner. Vertical coloured stripes, the jet black... WOOF!


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Arsenal - adidas


Some of us are old enough to remember the bruised banana's release. Thirty years on and it's a collector's piece... So watch this space.


Shop ALL Premier League clubs here.



Club America - Nike


Club America have a long tradition of stunning shirts. This one has not disappointed. Massive badge! And we're huge fans of that.


Shop ALL MX clubs here.

Fiorentina - Kappa


The collar, the floral print... you just wait. A future modern classic is staring you in the face.


Shop ALL Italian clubs here.


Inter Milan - Nike


Historical company sponsors... And they don't come much bigger. And yes, we're fans of the fatter black and blue verticals.


Shop ALL Italian clubs here.


Juventus - adidas


Pogba back in shades of Juve pink. One for the fashionista's, this one.


Shop ALL Italian clubs here.


Cambridge - Umbro


Umbro have transported us back to 1992... and we thank them. Cambridge have now become a Cambridge United football shirt collector's wet dream, over night.


Shop ALL Umbro shirts here.


Real Madrid - adidas


Again, ... The elegant use of gold has made us lose our mind once again. It's a clean offering for the Spanish giants.


Shop ALL Spanish clubs here.


Plymouth - Puma


That deep forest green and the, (yes Gold again) sponsor. It's probably Puma's finest offering of a football shirt in 10 years.


Shop ALL UK clubs here.


Ajax - adidas


It's that vertical stacking once again. And combined with the glorious red and white of the Netherland's finest makes it into one of top spots.


Shop ALL Dutch clubs here.


Bologna - Macron


Bologna's shirt is a complete masterpiece. The repeat of the club's crest running throughout the material is sensational.


Shop ALL Italian clubs here.


Boston United


Pure joy. That's what this shirt is. An example of why Umbro shall never die.


Shop ALL Umbro shirts here.


AS Roma - adidas


This shirt offers everything that we want right now. Yes, we've allowed sentiment to creep in here, but who can blame. The old and historic wolf club crest has returned, the collar is a throwback and the deep Roma colourways, all combine to put this shirt at Number One, as our favourite release.


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