It’s a question we get asked almost daily: what’s our favourite football shirt? When you see as many as we do, that’s virtually impossible to answer. We love so many of them.

But there are some that steal our heart that little bit more than others. The ones that raise our pulses when they land at our door and make us feel tinged with regret when we see it leave for a better home. 

We asked each of our team to select five - just five - shirts that fall into that category. These aren’t necessarily our ‘Top Five’, but five shirts we’ve got mad love for, whatever the reasons.

So for edition '01' of The Cult Kits View, we asked one of the co-owners, Rob Kocur, to kick us off with his favourites.

So here they are…


Newcastle 1995/96



I had to have a crazy 90s goalkeeper jersey. As a Newcastle fan who grew up following the team in the 90s, this one is full of nostalgia. Just looking at it evokes memories of Pavel Srnicek and the ‘Entertainers’.


Mexico 1998



France 98 is the first World Cup I can properly remember and for me it’s the best ever tournament for kits. This Mexico one is absolutely mad in all the right ways. Made by the Mexican brand ABA Sport and with the unforgettable Aztec design it was a great introduction to the likes of Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Jorge Campos and Luis Hernandez.


Inter Milan 1998/99



As a kid growing up in the 90s without Sky Sports, it was Channel 4’s football Italia that gave me my football fix. The kits of AC Milan, Juventus, Sampdoria etc felt on another level to the regular English shirts of the time. None more so than the black and blue stripes of Inter Milan. It didn’t hurt that the likes of Ronaldo, Baggio and Vieri wore this one.


Club America 1994



This one is all about the design: An adidas classic which gives the current crop of template’s a bad name. I could easily have opted for the version used by Germany at USA 94 but the Club America colours are undefeated and Coca-Cola is one of those rare sponsors that enhances a shirt.


Huracan 1996 



This is the most obscure shirt in the selection. It’s not to everyone’s taste but I think the others are such bold designs that I wanted to appreciate something understated too. Also, the badge is a hot air balloon - need I say more? 


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