It’s a question we get asked almost daily: what’s our favourite football shirt? When you see as many as we do, that’s virtually impossible to answer. We love so many of them.

But there are some that steal our heart that little bit more than others. The ones that raise our pulses when they land at our door and make us feel tinged with regret when we see it leave for a better home. 

We asked each of our team to select five - just five - shirts that fall into that category. These aren’t necessarily our ‘Top Five’, but five shirts we’ve got mad love for, whatever the reasons.

So for edition '02’ of The Cult Kits View, we asked one of our regular contributors, Dom Kocur, to tell us about his top five favourites.

So here they are…


Argentina 1998-99



Argentina’s shirts are very consistent. This one embellishes the iconic sky blue stripes with classic 90’s Adidas touches, like the perfect collar for players who liked to turn it up, naming no names. I’ve always liked Argentina’s crest too, there’s a snarl to it that symbolises decades of shithousery and world class players.


Japan 1990-93



Unmistakably the work of the Japanese, this one could make even the most jaded of connoisseurs froth at the mouth. As if lifted from a 17th century vase, the design is a cacophony of delicate Japanese motifs in a sensual Oriental colourway. The original Adidas logo is the crowning glory.


Marseille 1991-92



Everything is just so elegantly laid out on this work of understated beauty. Look at the the Adidas logo: neatly placed on the middle of three bold, modernistic shoulder stripes. Genius. And then you’ve got the sponsor, completing the design like it actually needs to be there.


Fiorentina 1996-97



Nintendo is one of the all time great shirt sponsors anyway, but Fiorentina went one step further and slapped a bonkers and totally brilliant Super Mario graphic on a few of them. Quite how many is uncertain, but they certainly don’t come around very often. You’re hard pressed just to find a decent photo of one, making the real thing that bit more special.


Germany 1988-90



This is the Steve McQueen of football shirts. If Steve McQueen was European and studied at Bauhaus. Nobody does cool minimalism better than the Germans, and with a fairly simple design based on a motif in the colours of the German flag, they created a genuine masterpiece and everlasting source of shirt design inspiration.


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