It’s a question we get asked almost daily: what’s our favourite football shirt? When you see as many as we do, that’s virtually impossible to answer. We love so many of them.

But there are some that steal our heart that little bit more than others. The ones that raise our pulses when they land at our door and make us feel tinged with regret when we see it leave for a better home. 

We asked each of our team to select five - just five - shirts that fall into that category. These aren’t necessarily our ‘Top Five’, but five shirts we’ve got mad love for, whatever the reasons.

So for edition '05’ of The Cult Kits View, we asked product distributor at Cult Kits, Josh Passmore, to tell us about his top five favourites.

So here they are…


Liverpool 1995-96



That wonderful, impractically chunky collar. Quite how Robbie Fowler and the rest of The Spice Boys played football in a shirt that was more suitable for cricket is one of life's great mysteries, but it looked great then and looks even better now. It's a shame their choice of suits didn't live up to the same standard.

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Fluminense 1992-94




Fluminense’s kits have remained virtually the same for decades and we hope that never changes. Many Brazilian club shirts go slightly overboard with the amount of stuff they splash all over them, but Fluminense always get it just right along with their irresistible colour scheme.

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Roma 2019-20




A modern shirt you love to hate. Or hate to love. I guess it depends on how much you want it, because it sure ain’t easy (or cheap) to get your hands on anymore. Talk about playing hard-to-get. But it’s not hard to understand its desperately sought-after status. Just look at it.

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Kashiwa Reywa 1993-94



I could have just chosen a vintage FC Nantes shirt for its fetching green and yellow stripes and classy detailing. Instead I chose an unintentional J-League imitation. Sue me.

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Boca Juniors 1993-95



Choosing a favourite Boca shirt is like choosing a favourite offspring. But if a gun was held to my head this one hits all the right spots. Just like Diego did when he wore it.

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