The New adidas Copa Icon

The New adidas Copa Icon

Football’s (arguably) most iconic football boot gets a freshen up for the Qatar World Cup. 

Oh yes, our favourite boot is back – ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Copa Icon is here! Known as the Copa Mundial 1, the boot is being worn by the officials at this years World Cup, and it clearly offers a more traditional look, but with the obvious modern technological advancements applied.




Whilst a new version of the boot is expected to be launched earlier next year for boot lovers, this latest offering has got boot fans salivating. 




World Cup logo on the heel, with golden details and the words ‘Copa Icon’ pressed on the side. This little teaser from the Adidas lot has certainly got our hearts racing, being the boot purists we are.




However, there’s one clear thing to mention, that goes against our purist attitude… there is no tongue. NO TONGUE. How could this be? 




Anyway, we won’t dwell on it, and simply say, they’re beautiful none the less.

But if there’s no tongue on the new year release they’ll be hell to pay!


( Source/Imagery - Soccerbible )

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