The Super-Nerds in the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL) have spent countless hours analysing the various angles and intensities with which the ball comes onto and off of a boot when playing football. All of this resulting in a technologically advanced boot that looks pretty fine too.

The Phantom GT is designed for players who move the ball with a high degree of dexterity between and around opponents. The Super-Nerds, sorry, Scientists at the Nike Research Lab have spent hours analysing how the ball interacts with the foot. Something we can fully get behind – what a dream.



Anyway, putting our fantasises to one side, by studying at a micro level how the ball connects with the boot, pressure maps and data points were formed to guide parameters for generative design.

They, (the Super-Nerds) have also considered vector forces. Yep, that’s right – vector forces. We don’t understand what this means either, but it sounds very SpaceX.



Anyway, both of these areas of study support the goal of creating a new, useful, innovative texture for a boot.



All the fancy tech aside, this boot is a joy to look at. It’s got a touch of the lates 90’s early naughties about it in terms of the aesthetics. We may even be bold enough to say, that the black stripe running from the top of the toe down the outside centre, has a touch of the Air Jordans. But that’s just us.




Anyway, you can get your hands on a pair of these, from as of today. The Nike GT Academy FlyEase releases in September.



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