The Story Of The Seven

The Story Of The Seven

Manchester United and adidas celebrate the legacy of the number 7 shirt with short film with every player to have donned the famed number.

How many times have we all witnessed a moment of genius by the player wearing number 7 shirt? Countless times, we've witnessed moments of brilliance. A lob. A free kick. A rampant run, dribble and shot... those last minute moments of glory. It's fair to say Manchester United has delivered on a number of these.

Then there's the collar. The famed United collar. Popped by a very much adored frenchman, which of course makes a return to this year's United shirt. The first since the 2010/11 season's shirt, we'll have you know. 



The film takes a dive into the individual stories of the players who've come to wear the '7' shirt, reliving their moments of being told they were to be given the shirt, and of course the moments wearing it!











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