Top 11 Kits from Japan & Korea World Cup 2002

Top 11 Kits from Japan & Korea World Cup 2002

The Japan & Korea World Cup in 2002.

What an absolute blinder of a competition. The last international tournament to enjoy the golden goal rule, THAT Ronaldinho goal versus England and R9 tearing things up in his prime. 

They don't make World Cups like this anymore and they also don't make the kits like they used to. This World Cup featured some outstanding strips. Adidas, Nike, Puma and more were at the peak of their powers, combining adventurous design with some of the first advanced technologies such as breathable mesh.

This chart shows how the manufacturers split across all the nations for the Japan & Korea World Cup in 2002:


There's some ridiculously good strips to choose from but we've selected 11 of the best and ranked them from 11 right up to 1. Get a brew and a ginger snap (or whatever your biscuit of choice is) and peruse our selection 👇   

11 - Italy Away


The talent that pulled on this shirt, my word. The squad list from Italy's 2002 World Cup team is like a hall of fame. Inzaghi, Totti, Maldini, Zanetti, Gattuso, Del Piero, Buffon and more and more. A ridiculous team that had a very groundbreaking shirt. This Kappa away was a skin-tight-fit, one of the first to appear on the international stage. At the time, fans couldn't really wear them but they've since become a cult classic.  

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10 - Nigeria Home


The brightest green ever known to man. This colourway is almost radioactive, a phosphorous green that has become synonymous with Nigeria at the 2002 World Cup. Joseph Yobo and Jay Jay Okocha pulled on this famous jersey. It comes in at our number 10 spot.

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9 - Denmark Home


Iconic Hummel design, the Danish colours, what's not to love? It's all very neat and clean, which is what we've come to expect over the years from Hummel. They keep things simple with quality materials. The chevrons on the shoulders are top class. Tell us this isn't iconic. 

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8 - Portugal Home


This encapsulates Portugal on the World Cup stage, it set the benchmark for every shirt that followed. It's difficult not to picture Figo bringing it down with a deft touch, twisting and turning his man, then pinging a 50 yard pass to another man in red & green. A quality shirt, that's hard to find, comes in at number 8. 

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7 -  Cameroon Home


This is a Cult Icon. No debate. Originally this was a sleeveless shirt before it was OUTLAWED by FIFA ahead of the World Cup. The sleeveless design had been worn successfully by Cameroon throughout that year’s Africa Cup of Nations, where they were crowned worthy champions against Senegal. The end-result is this shirt, the sleeveless design with black sleeves added at a later stage. It still absolutely rocks. 

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authentic retro international football shirts – cult kits

6 - England Home


Did England shirts peak in 2002? We're not sure about the greatest England shirt ever but this home effort for the 2002 World Cup is deservedly on a top 10 list for the tourney. The lads were wearing this kit when Ronaldinho scored his infamous cross/shot goal which ultimately knocked England out in the QFs. A top quality kit, even if the midfield of Scholes, Hargreaves and Becks flattered to deceive. 

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5 - Argentina Home


Argentina had a stinker of a tournament, exiting the competition at the group stage, even with an unreal squad. The shirt didn't stink though, in-fact we think it's one of the cleanest Argentina kits going. The blue and white stripe is one of the most famous in World Football and adidas got everything right in this rendition. We love the front numbering.

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4 - South Korea Home


Come on!? Just look at this thing. Its a shirt of real beauty and technical detail. This shirt was advanced for its time, with Nike bringing in breathable segments down the sides and an inner mesh for a closer fit. The colour, the badge, the detailing - it all works here. Number 4. 

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3 - Germany Home 


adidas and Germany rarely miss. These two go together like salt & pepper, bread & butter, the beach & ice cream (we could go on). But it's true, they hardly ever produce a bad *home* shirt (the away's are questionable). This 2002 home is a killer, a striking collar, the black, red & gold across the three stars. The detailing is everything. Our number 3.

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2 - Japan Home


We're not including this shirt for sentimental purposes. It's really a banger of a kit, the 2nd best to feature at the whole tournament. The deep blue, the vintage Japanese logo, the front numbering. It's all top class. 

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1 - Brazil Home


The shirt that won it all. An iconic shirt in any era of football. This Brazil team was outstandingly good, arguably one of the greatest sides of all time. Boasting Kaka, R9, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and more they went on to beat Germany in the final and lift the famous golden World Cup trophy. Our top spot for the 2002 World Cup. 

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Which is your favourite 2002 World Cup shirt?

There you have it. Brazil comes out on top with an indisputable icon, the shirt that won it all. But really all of these 11 shirts are absolutely quality and will only become more desirable as the years go on. What's your favourite 2002 World Cup shirt?

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