We’ve long admired Necaxa and we’ll admit, it wasn’t their 1998 Mexican League win that first piqued our interests. No, that would be down to them having basically worn some of the coolest kits ever in Mexican football. 

The side, who traditionally play in red and white, have never been afraid of a good print. Whether that’s the iconic lightning bolt that has adorned so many of their shirts or the more subtle patterns present on the sides 2019/20 home, away, third and goalkeeper kits that we happened to recently get our hands on.

Some fine sponsors over the years, including a near 30 year relationship with Coca Cola, have meant that more often than not the side's great designs have not fallen to the standard pitfalls of Liga MX, i.e. nice shirts that are entirely buried under a mountain of mismatched sponsors.



Basically, there’s a lot to like when it comes to the side from Aguascalientes. So to celebrate our new arrivals we’ve gone through and picked out five of our other favourite Necaxa shirts from the last 30 years…


1994/95 home



1999/00 home



2008/09 home 



2018 cup shirt 



2018/19 away



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