TOP TEN: Women's World Cup Kits

This summer's Fifa Women's World Cup is finally upon us. And as you've probably seen – the kit levels are VERY high. So high in fact it looks as though just about everyone has been scrambling to get their cult collector's piece, to add to the future classics collection, they're no likely building.

So, naturally... We only thought it right to rank our Top Ten shirts from this years Women's World Cup. There are numerous to choose from and this won't be easy, as well as the obvious disagreement we're all likely to get into over it!

Anyway, let's jump straight into it...

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#10 New Zealand – Nike (Home)


That fern repeat on that black is a winner. We won't hear otherwise.



#9 South Africa – Le Coq Sportif (Away)


 That green, inspired African art, centred manufacturers badge... it's a beaut!


#8 Netherlands – Nike (Home)



That two tone pattern on the orange combined with the blackout shield,... Take our money. 


#7 Jamaica – adidas (Away)




Designed in collaboration with Wales Bonner, that red, yellow and green collar and full black colour. You can barely lay your hands on it anywhere, unless you're after a kids size or an XS adult size. Enough said.


#6 Sweden – adidas (Away)




 Ice like seas is the theme, (we think) and we dig that. 


#5 Colombia – adidas (Away)



 It's another one of those hard nature themed shirts. And it simply works! You can almost feel the heat coming from volcanic rock like surface material.


#4 Australia – Nike (Home) 



Shimmering gold and green. Nike got it right with this one. It's an elegant offering from the swoosh lot.


#3 Germany – adidas (Away)




adidas and Germany have a history of making great kits, for sure. But this one has pushed the often conservative approach and embraced the nature theme and then some. It's a stunner in our book. I mean... Just look at that use of gold. Take our money!


#2 Japan – adidas (Away)




Japan x adidas – it NEVER misses. This away shirt is a triumph and grabs the No.2 spot. Yes, we argued about this one for some time, as to why it didn't take the No.1 spot!


#1 Portugal – Nike (Away) 




This one is our standout. It's a work of art – who knew the calcada Portuguesa (Portuguese paving) could offer up so much inspiration. The colourway is a delight. Overall, the shirt is a stunner and grabs the No.1 spot. Bravo, Nike.

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