Werder Bremen closed out their season 19/20 by making a first appearance in the new ‘City’ kit, which pays homage to the close-knit relationship between the club and its hometown.

After a unique and disrupted 19/20 season, the fans, players and staff alike now look ahead and can take pride in the unfaltering support that has kept the club and city together through difficult times.



In tribute to this rare and essentially City-wide fan and club community, the jersey and its supporting release visuals reframe the long and storied heritage of Bremen’s beloved River Islanders for a new generation. The sleek dark base for the strip is embellished with red collar and sleeve tips, and white across a conceptual chest print.

The front design is an abstract print, constructed from aerial photography of the club’s pioneering, solar-panel covered wohninvest WESERSTADION. Both the colours of the detailing and the pattern of the chest print is taken from the city’s famous ‘Bacon’ flag.



Staying faithful to the “Lifelong Green and White” motto that echoes around the Weser on every match day – and around city streets in times of matches behind closed doors – the campaign “Raute. Lebenslang Raute” (“Diamond. Lifelong Diamond.”) is a collage of connection between fan and player, stadium and city.



The shadows formed by the now iconic solar panelled exterior of the stadium casts tessellated diamond patterns on featured WB players and members of the Werder club community. Separate but ever connected, the first time models of the kit are seen holding out a single hand to form one half of Werder’s diamond-shaped crest, as the players do the same on the alternating hand.



Werder Bremen’s city kit is available here.


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