AKA @Woodwoodproductions

CK: Who's your team?

KW: Liverpool!

CK: For those reading about you for the first time, can you tell them a bit about yourself?

KW: My name is Kayla and I am a British based South African Author and Kit collector. I enjoy creating football shirt content and engaging with the football shirt community on Instagram and Twitter.

CK: How did you get into collecting football shirts?

KW: Although I didn't know it at the time, my shirt collecting journey began in the SA winter of 2010 when I was living in Cape Town and the World Cup came to town.

A tournament set against the backdrop of Table Mountain with Shakira's - WAKA WAKA and K'naan - wave your flag blasting from ever available speaker, a sea of fans dressed in some of the greatest shirts to ever grace the national stage filled the city and the atmosphere was electric! (let's not mention the vuvuzelas).

Cape town was fortunate to host games for France, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and Cameroon to name a few but it was the Netherlands fans that really caught my attention! The passion and fun they had following their team was infectious! And I fell in love with the simple yet beautiful orange kit!

After the month-long tournament finished, I knew I needed more football in my life and influenced by the Dutch connection I started supporting my local team Ajax of Cape Town (They have since rebranded).

"I am a massive fan of 90s shirts but also feel we are currently in a golden era for shirts with some of the latest releases being some of the finest ever made!"

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CK: Tell us about the first football shirt you ever owned.

KW: The first shirt I bought was the Ajax of Cape town 2008/09 home shirt and I love it! there may be prettier and bolder shirts, but this shirt will always be special to me as it is where it all began.

CK: Would you say you have a fascination with kit history?

KW: The history of the shirts is always interesting but what I base my purchases on is the aesthetics of the shirt. I’m fascinated by design and how good the shirt looks.

CK: Do you have a specific era that you like most when it comes to kits?

KW: I am a massive fan of 90s shirts but also feel we are currently in a golden era for shirts with some of the latest releases being some of the finest ever made!

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CK: What's your favourite kit in your personal collection?

KW: It’s got to be the 98 South Africa Home Shirt, such an iconic shirt!

CK: If you had to pick your top 3 football shirts of all time, what would they be?

KW: 1. South Africa 98 Home 2. Ajax 89/09 Away 3.Liverpool 95/96 Away

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CK: If you could take one football shirt with you to a desert island, what would it be?

KW: The amazing Australia 1999 away feels like a great shirt for a desert island!

CK: If people want to check out more of your work, where can people find it?

KW: You can check out my YouTube channel - Woodwood Productions. I also regularly post my latest shirt pickups on @Woodwoodpyt on Twitter @Woodwoodproductions on Instagram.

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