AKA @SharonZoomer

CK: So, who is your team?

SZ: Yes, I'm a Manchester United fan

CK: For those reading about you for the first time, can you tell them a bit about yourself.

SZ:  I'm a caring person who balances between things that give me energy and things that cost me energy. Kits, interior, food and travel are besides football and fashion THE things you can wake me up for. I believe that you live your life for yourself and that others are allowed to join your journey.

CK: How did you get into collecting football shirts?

SZ: As a Man. United fan I started collecting United kits. I added a few England kits along the way since a lot of the United players also played for England I enjoy watching England play. But at a point I realised it was me standing in the way of myself and missing out on other great kits so I expanded my options based on what my heart tells me to do.

CK: Tell us about the first football shirt you ever owned.

SZ: Manchester United home kit 94-96. Given to me by my parents in 1999. It has everything a fan loves; the badge, the collar, the stadium and of course the colour RED

"My top 3 – van Persie kit, 94-96 Man United home (signed by Cantona) and Portugal 92-94 away (don't own it yet but it’s on my bucket list)"

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CK: Would you say you have a fascination with kit history?

SZ: I think I do. I have more classic kits then (future)classics/modern classics. I like to know about the background so it gives me more depth of the thought behind it. Also helps for when I get questions from friends whom know  about my passion...great conversations come out of it.

CK: Do you have a specific era that you like most when it comes to kits?

SZ: 90's 

CK: What's your favourite kit in your personal collection?

SZ: Match prepared kit by Robin van Persie (signed)

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CK: If you had to pick your top 3 football shirts of all time, what would they be?

SZ: van Persie kit, 94-96 Man United home (signed by Cantona) and Portugal 92-94 away (don't own it yet but it’s on my bucket list)

CK: If you could take one football shirt with you to a desert island, what would it be?

SZ: Match prepared kit by Robin van Persie (signed)

CK: If people want to check out more of your work, where can people find it?

SZ: Twitter - @SharonZoomer | Instagram - @sharonzoomer .

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