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Iconic Boot – Tote Bag
The Copa Mundial . First designed in 1979 for the 1982 World cup in Spain, the boot has been the choice of pro's and football connoisseur's for over 40 years. The modifications over the years have been so minor that it continues to be regarded as one of the greatest boots of all time. It's even still made in exactly the same place as it was back in the late 70's – Scheinfeld, Germany.
So, we've decided to celebrate the boot by giving it, it's very own Tote Bag. The illustration was created by the forever talented @jofurzerdraws exclusively for Cult Kits.
You can pop all kit for the evening's kick-about in it,  or just your weekly shop. All whilst doing your bit for planet earth by using something reusable. 
- Long Handle Cotton Bag
- Material -100% cotton (made of 136 gsm cotton)
- Volume of approximately 10 Litres
- Size -39 x 41 cm
- Base colour- Ecru
- Screen printed