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R9 Boot – Tote Bag
The R9 . Initially known as the Tiempo Ultra Light and then the Ronaldo Ultra Speed, the first R9 boot was a revolution in boot design. Thinner, lighter than traditionally fashioned leather boots, these babies broke boundaries. The wavy silver, blue and yellow paint work had kids begging their parents for a pair. And fans could only look on as the Brazilian wizards scored his first goal in them, that fateful day on June 16th, 1998. A brilliant half-volley that sealed the boot's moment in Nike's history for years to come.
Our second Iconic Boot Tote, this illustration was created once again lovingly, by the forever talented @jofurzerdraws exclusively for Cult Kits.
You can pop all kit for the evening's kick-about in it,  or just your weekly shop. All whilst doing your bit for planet earth by using something reusable. 
- Long Handle Cotton Bag
- Material -100% cotton (made of 136 gsm cotton)
- Volume of approximately 10 Litres
- Size -39 x 41 cm
- Base colour- Ecru
- Screen printed