Since their first birthday back in 2017, This Fan Girl have been hosting monthly meet-ups around London and Manchester. They recognised a need to create a community for female fans - it can be intimidating, and just plain lonely to watch your team play solo.

Through their meet-ups over the last 18 months, they’ve managed to bring women together to watch, enjoy and make new relationships through football - and they're excited to continue them over the next few years. To celebrate their ​20th meet-up​ earlier this month, This Fan Girl ventured South for the North London Derby.

Following a full house meet-up at The Rye, the group took over Peckhams Sunset Studios for a TFG photoshoot. Supported by Box2Box Football x Cult Kits and photographed by @supertrampkav, This Fan Girl wanted to celebrate all the women they’ve met along the way, and the friendships and alliances that have been formed, and continue to grow through their meet-ups.

“Being a part of This Fan Girl and the meetups that we’ve had - it’s so different to the way, I consumed football growing up. It used to always be just my dad, my boyfriend, my brother. Having that group of people to go to the pub with and watch football is extremely empowering."

Ceylon, TFG regular

“It started off, me having just a few girls to watch with. Now we have a whole army.”

Emma, Head of Editorial at TFG

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