AKFC is a charitable campaign like no other! Combining football apparel, design and gaming, it raises vital funds for the charity Alive and Kicking and will be featured in FIFA21 on March 4th - March 14th.

For the first time ever, Alive and Kicking, the world's only not-for-profit football manufacturer, is launching a limited edition kit in the FIFA 21 video-game, as well as releasing it for purchase in real life.



Launched alongside a beautiful new kit for AKFC, designed by renowned creative agency and  football-for-good specialists HeyBigMan!, and manufactured by iconic sports brand Hummel, the beautiful kit will be available virtually on FIFA, and will also be available to purchase online. Designed in London and inspired by Africa, only 300 shirts will be made available.

Whilst the kit itself was designed by HeyBigMan!, the idea for the campaign and collaboration between the charity and EA Sports was the brainchild of creative team Lemonade Creative Studio and creative team Dani Brown and Alex Wood.



Cult Kits can confirm that having one shirt in our possession that it is, quite frankly, a work of art!

AKFC secured a partnership with FIFA creators EA Sports, and the new AKFC kit will be featured in FIFA21 in the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) section of Ultimate Team mode. Available on FIFA from 4th March, gamers will be able to unlock the kit by completing the #AFRICA11 challenge. This is designed to create discussion around the next generation of African football talent and the communities they come from.



But, who are AKFC?…

AKFC is the fictional football team that supports and raises money for the charity Alive and Kicking, a UK registered charity  whose focus is on creating ethical jobs, delivering vital health education and enabling play in Africa.

Now for the best bit… You can actually join AKFC – and that’s by becoming a member. By doing so, you’ll be making a difference every month to the lives and livelihoods of people in disadvantaged communities across Africa.  In turn that will get you the shirt, regular updates, and much much more.



But, if you just want the shirt It’s yours for a one-off donation of £65. But let’s face it, being an exclusive member to something is always better, right?! PLUS… All proceeds raised from AKFC contributes to the greater cause. Don’t just take our word for it, AKFC is also supported by the likes of Rachel Yankey OBE and Alex Iwobi.

“This team is all about using football as a force for good… anyone who has the passion to use football in that way can join AKFC. Hopefully I can inspire some others to come and sign with me” – Rachel Yankey OBE.



Make. Play. Live. Join AKFC.

(For more information and to buy your shirt, visit: WEAREAKFC.COM).

Follow here: @WeAreAKFC

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