Discovering an unsponsored club shirts is like discovering solid gold in our world. So what if we could choose, make and apply a bespoke sponsor to any that we found? Well, the answer was obvious.

Remember when Atletico Madrid had that weird sponsorship deal with Hollywood Movie company Columbia Pictures back in the early 2000s? The one which saw their shirt sponsored by a different (and hastily designed) Hollywood movie title on an almost weekly basis? 'Highlights' included Hitch, Spider Man, Resident Evil and Peter Pan to name a few.



This got us thinking. Imagine if some of our favourite shirts had been sponsored by cult movies from the same year. Well, the opportunity to combine two of our favourite things was just too tempting to ignore and with Halloween approaching, what better genre to start with than Horror.

First up – Dortmund 1996 x Hellraiser Bloodline

This was the fourth instalment of the iconic franchise. To be honest, we have no idea if it was any good, it was probably rubbish but we just wanted to be able to stick a big flock Pin Head logo on the front of a shirt and the chances of finding one from the year of the original films release (1987) were pretty slim. Although it was originally a British production, there’s definitely something that lends itself well to a German football shirt - no offence intended to our German friends.


Second – Tokyo Verdy 1993 x Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Okay, so this film (the 6th instalment of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise) was actually released in 1991 but we’ve taken the liberty of assuming it’s theatrical release in Japan came two years later. Basically, as soon as we found a sponsorless version of this classic 90s Verdy shirt, nothing was going to stop us. And Japanese writing improves pretty much everything.


Each shirt is a dead-stock item, one of one, with a bespoke sponsor printed on flock material. The shirts will be given away as part of a competition over the coming week, details of which will follow this release.

Next up… 90s Action Movies!


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Is there ANY chance that you could ever do a rerun of the Dortmund 1996 x Hellraiser Bloodline t-shirt? It is driving me nuts that I can’t buy it. Trust me, it would be a hit. Best wishes, Rolf

Rolf Nowotny

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