FORWARD to launch a new collection on 25th October in collaboration with baseball uniform brand Majestic.

FORWARD, a sports apparel brand based on performance, is set to release a collaboration with Majestic.

"Baseball?!" ... we hear you cry. Yes, baseball. It shouldn't work, should it? But for FORWARD it was as obvious as beans with toast, fish and chips etc, etc.

FORWARD is the football brand of Korean Sports design agency H9PITCH Studio, as well as the official sponsor of Daegu FC who play in the Korean football league.

So why baseball? Well for FOWARD, it was about breaking boundaries between sports and their cultures.

The city of Daegu, which is the hometown of Daegu FC is also the local-based city to baseball team called 'SAMSUNG Lions'. Both Clubs are loved by many fans as the two representative professional sports teams, that are a symbol for the city.

H9PITCH Studio's Art Director Ho-keun Choi commented:

"Recently, sports have expanded to one culture and lifestyle beyond the boundaries of sport events. This is the reason why we planned the collection."

So who are Majestic? Well they're guys behind the global baseball clothing brands of all major league baseball teams in the United States since 2005. They've sponsored apparel at various baseball events such as team Korea, KBO teams and KBO All-star games across Korea also. So it's safe to say they're a big deal on the baseball circuit.

In this collection – a first of its kind in the Korean sports brand history, FORWARD is looking to produce a new trend influence. Will it be for all of us? Probably not. But should it be admired from a fashion-risk stance, yes – we think so. The classic hip-hop feeling in the collections pictorial is definitely something we could get on board with.

The collection itself, (that launches tomorrow) will see the release of a concept football jersey, baseball jersey, jacket and cap. In addition, a separate baseball will be made and given to the uniform and jacket buyers as a free gift.

You can get your hands on the collection from the FORWARD website from tomorrow and will be available in limited numbers. 

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