Joga Bonito Pop-up Store from Nivelcrack and Sounds Good

Joga Bonito Pop-up Store from Nivelcrack and Sounds Good

Nivelcrack and Sounds Good combine to create the 'Joga Bonito pop-up store in Seol, Korea this weekend! A store that will look to bring fresh Brazilian sounds and plenty of free beer. Along with an exclusive drop centred around the iconic playing style that Brazilian national team live by.


Football games are jazz music. The structure of each team’s play provides the background for the constant improvisation of the players. The jazz musician looks for an opening in the composition, where he will be able to toy with the arrangement, where he can poke holes in the structure, where he can play faster than the established beat or play notes that don’t belong in the composition (or some times don’t even belong in the structure of the musical key). He breaks the rules, because breaking the rules is fun, different, uncertain, and emotionally expressive.

Football players are given a position and a task, and spend most of the game adhering to its principles. They touch the ball once or twice and pass it on to another player, who then proceeds to do the same. The team patently waits for the opportunity to arise when a great player will receive the ball and suddenly start his solo. As he solos he leaves his position, holds the ball for longer than dictated by his task, and just has fun zooming past players and

placing the ball behind the net. The team stands behind him, comping along as the player improvises.



Joga Bonito Pop-up Store of Nivelcrack and Sounds Good, which are based on Football and Jazz cultures, will be held on July 5th and 6th in Seoul.

Joga Bonito means “Play beautifully” in Portuguese. Under the theme of the intersection between Brazil’s Sama Football and Bossa Nova, the pop-up store will have limited number of collaborative items, including jersey, sac, socks and cassette. And the opening party will feature DJs’

Brazilian music and free beer. The Global release date of the capsule collection will be on 7th July via

Nivelcrack’s official website.


Joga Bonito Pop-up Store Information:

Schedule: 5th July 2019 - 6th July 2019 / 12:00 - 21:00
Location: B1, 241-35, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea



Graphic Pattern by Angelo Trofa / Crest Design by Matti Vandersee



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