Nike release the Inter Milan 21/22 Third Shirt

Nike release the Inter Milan 21/22 Third Shirt

Launched in time for the return of the Champions League, Inter have released their third shirt for the 21/22 campaign, with a graphic that reeks of 90’s kids TV graphics and the Nike Tennis polos of old. And rightly or wrongly we love that!

Seriously though, we’ve been told the shirt is inspired by the values of inclusion and equality that sit at the heart of Inter’s DNA. Again a black shirt, (so that’s another big tick from us) the shirt takes further inspiration from the 1989-91 shirt, but this time with greater meaning. Again – we’re well into that.



The graphic itself, made up of four eye grabbing colours on the diagonal, completes the inter shirt line up that saw them release a stunning home and away, (that snake!!!) – just try to ignore the ghastly sponsor. The ‘total orange/ green strike/chlorine blue/lemon venom’, (yes, these are all colours) perfectly round up these season’s collection of shirts from Inter and the swoosh crew.



Will it be for everyone? Most likely not – but it’s a yes(!) from us.



The Inter Milan 21/22 Third Shirt is available from Friday 17 September.


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