Scotland's best kits

Scotland's best kits


As the prospect of the biggest Scotland-England clash in a quarter of a century looms, we started thinking: what are, in our humble opinions, the greatest kits the boys in blue have ever turned out in?

We’ve put our heads together and come up with our picks for the six finest Scotland shirts of all time. Expect plenty of tartan and some of the very smartest kits the international game has seen. 

So without further ado, we present (in no particular order) our six finest Scotland shirts of all time. 


2007-09 away 

Blending modernity with tradition, Diadora’s 2007/09 away strip featured the famous Saltire of Scotland in light blue and gold and is quite probably Scotland's greatest ever away shirt.


1976-80 home 

Voted the greatest Scottish shirt of all time in a poll hosted by the country's FA - and who are we to disagree. The bold collar and striking Umbro diamond patterning on the sleeves combine for a thing of beauty. 


1994-96 home 

Despite carrying some painful memories, the 94/96 home kit is still beloved among Scotland fans. The all over shimmering purple tartan pattern is gorgeous. 



Simply a masterclass in fit and old school styling. The 88/91 home shirt, with its long placket collar, marked the first time tartan had been utilised on a Scotland kit and it’s an absolute classic. 


2014/15 home 

From the spider print to the reverse (an homage to Robert the Bruce) to the subtle Tartan trim, the 14/15 home shirt may look simple, but it’s packed with details. 


1988/89 third 

Easily the maddest shirt the Scottish national team has ever turned out in. This ultra rare third shirt is truly coveted today and can go for hundreds in good condition. 


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Hi how much is the 2007-09 away Scotland top. Is it made true to size. How long is the wait time to arrive.


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