With Europe’s league seasons drawing to a close and a summer of international tournaments on the horizon, it’s very much the season of the trophy.

There are undoubtedly plenty of glorious moments from the trophy lifts and subsequent parades, Marten Stekelenburg dropping the Eredivisie shield under a bus or Aston Villa players Colin Gibson and Gordon Cowens losing the European Cup after a particularly big night back in 82 in particular spring to mind. But today we’re going down a slightly different route and taking a look at the trophies themselves. 

From some that have become globally recognised icons in their own right to others that might just make you wonder why you bothered slogging through that 40 game season. This is the wonderful, and sometimes very weird, world of trophies. 


Libertadores trophy 



South America’s premier trophy bears a striking resemblance to animated favourite Shrek.


Ligue 1 trophy



A bold attempt that ultimately comes across as overly polished and soulless. Which is why it's especially strange seeing PSG not lift it this year.


Trofeo Teresa Herrera 



Spain’s third oldest cup competition compensates for its lack of prestige with the biggest trophy we’ve ever seen. Could put your back out just looking at it. 





There’s a distinct Lord of the Rings feel to the Aussie leagues biggest prize.


Serie A trophy



Part Martini glass, part flower vase. The biggest prize in Italian football could really use a little work.


Oceania champions League 



Another abomination from Oceania. Imagine winning the continent's biggest prize only to be presented with something that looks like a wheel on my little cousin's modified GTA car. 


Cymru premier trophy



Possibly the coolest looking trophy anywhere in sport, the Cymru Premier’s duelling dragons trophy should be the absolute benchmark.


Jupiler Pro League



The Jupiler Pro League trophy is genuinely mental. An artfully rendered (unfinished) football, proudly growing out of the back of a raging bull and sat atop a lightly crushed plinth. It kinda works.


World Cup



The most iconic trophy in world sport is undeniably a genuine thing of beauty.


Trofeo Colombino



The Trofeo Colombino, hosted each year by Spain’s oldest club Recreativo Huesca, is one of the few trophies in world football that could match the Cymru dragons for the title of looking best on the mantelpiece.


DFB Pokal



Possibly the only trophy in world football that looks as though it could have been salvaged from the tomb of Tutankhamun, the DFB Pokal trophy is quite something.


Words by Andy Gallagher





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