Scusa me, but you see, back in old Napoli, that's amore.

Was Dean Martin talking about the city’s football club when he warbled those famous words? Well, no, obviously not but he could have been. Because Gli Azzurri is an Italian institution drenched in hearth-thumping romance.

Among the narrow Neapolitan streets, thousands of fans live their passion for their team every day, amidst murals, superstitions and the omnipresent memory of Diego. To its fans, Napoli is more than a club di calico – it is a way of life.

It’s a club and a fan base in love with football shirts, too. In case you weren’t paying attention, Napoli has developed something of a kit fetish in recent years, with volcanic president Aurelio De Laurentiis presenting as many as 13 different strips in a single season.

While Napoli's current style is varied (and often debatable - look, for example, at the kit used for Valentine's Day in the 2022/23 season), the past is rich in jerseys that celebrate a proud history.

So here we go – let’s rank them from ten to one.

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10 - Third Shirt, 1990/91 

10 - Third Shirt, 1990_91-cult-kitsRed has always been a popular colour for Napoli's change kits, especially during the '90s and early 2000s. One of the most successful versions features the tricolour cockade, which was added to celebrate the team's victory in the previous year's championship. Glorious.


9 -  Home Shirt, 2004/05

 9 -  Home Shirt, 2004_05-cult-kits

In the 2004/05 season, Napoli was relegated to Serie C, the third tier of Italian football. As if that wasn't enough, the club was forced to temporarily change its name due to legal and financial issues, starting the season under the name ‘Napoli Soccer’.

Kappa softened the blow slightly with a gorgeously simple home kit in a perfect shade of blue, which represented the beginning of the team's renaissance.


8 -  Home Shirt, 1986/87

 8 -  Home Shirt, 1986_87-cult-kits

It’s fair to say 1987 was a memorable year for the club, winning its first Scudetto while wearing what is perhaps one of the most iconic jerseys in its history. The home kit produced by NR became a cult object, thanks in part to that beautiful sponsor font – the pasta brand, Buitoni, clearly brought good luck to Maradona and his teammates.


7 -  Fourth Shirt, 2020/21 

7 -  Fourth Shirt, 2020_21-cult-kits

The connection between Napoli and Argentina, imbued with the memory of Diego and united by the same iconic colours, gave birth to one of the most successful ‘special edition’ shirts in recent history. The ‘Argentina’ jersey was a hit among fans and collectors, and represents Kappa's swan song as the club's technical sponsor.


6 -  Home Shirt, 1998/99 6 -  Home Shirt, 1998_99-cult-kits

Perhaps some Napoli fans will be disappointed at this choice. The home jersey for the 1998/99 season in Serie B was heavily criticised at the time, with fans arguing that the shade of blue was too light. However, the performance of the team in the jersey was anything but disappointing. It may have been controversial but we reckon this is one of their best - the navy blue detailing making it one of the most elegant jerseys worn by Napoli.


5 -  Away Shirt, 1992/93

5 -  Away Shirt, 1992_93-cult-kits

The decision to switch to Umbro as kit manufacturer in the early 1990s was a masterstroke. A number of classics followed, with the Partenopei wearing this beauty away from home in 1992/93.


4 -  Home Shirt, 1991/92

4 -  Home Shirt, 1991_92-cult-kits

This is peak Umbro – all angled graphics, baggy sleeves and button down collars. The two-tone electric blue and gorgeous Voiello sponsor combine to make this a visual feast.


3 -  Home Shirt, 1990/91

3 -  Home Shirt, 1990_91-cult-kits

The 1990 home jersey was the last produced by the iconic NR brand – and what a send off. It remains a grail for many shirt collectors. And with that Mars sponsor, it’s easy to see why.


2 -  Third Shirt, 1993/94 

2 -  Third Shirt, 1993_94-cult-kitsWe know what you’re thinking. It’s Villa’s kit with a different badge and sponsor. And you’d be right. But for us that doesn’t detract from the beauty of this Umbro masterpiece. Once again, Napoli is well served aesthetically by its sponsor – the logo font absolutely adds to the design.


1 -  Home Shirt, 1997/98

1 -  Home Shirt, 1997_98-cult-kits

Look, we know not everyone will agree with us. That’s what makes life interesting, isn’t it – debate. Friendly debate though please. We get it though – a controversial choice, not least because Napoli were relegated in this. But that collar remains one of Nike’s finest and the white and navy stripes add a certain elegance. It’s a deeper blue, too, which sets this apart – for the right reasons. Shame it was so very unlucky for the team.


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