Inter has released their first official images of the new 2021/22 home shirt this week and it’s fair to say, it’s gone down pretty damn well. The snakeskin inspired design is a direct nod to the Biscione or grass snake, a symbol synonymous with the city of Milan and indeed of Inter, having been adopted by the club in its early days. 

With the diagonal block pattern of 2019 and the acclaimed zigzag pattern of last year, it’s been clear that Nike and Inter have been pushing hard to update and modernise the classic Nerazzurri stripes of old for some time now. But no one could exactly have predicted snakeskin.

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As anyone with even a passing knowledge of football can tell you, tradition is sacred. A fact that makes the overwhelmingly positive response to the new design all the more impressive. Sure the overwhelmingly feel good response may be helped by the fact that the design comes off the back of the clubs first Scudetto in a decade, as well as the national teams recent triumph, but when it comes to modernising with a firm nod to the past, we’re not sure if we’ve seen many efforts better. 

So as we continue to fawn over the new, we thought we’d take a look back over the archives of one of football's best dressed teams to pick out our ten favourite Inter kits of days gone by. Believe us, picking just ten was no easy feat. 


1989/90 Home Shirt



It’s got it all really. Classic Misura sponsor and a triumphant Scudetto patch. While Inter, and their star trio of German’s, couldn't repeat the heroics of the year prior and recapture the league title, they have arguably never looked better. Buy the shirt here.


1993/94 Away Shirt



In the wonderful world of sash based football shirts there are few that can rival this effort from the 1993/94 season. The generous collar compliments the sash beautifully while the Fiorucci sponsor is tastefully integrated into the design. Milanese elegance at its finest.


1997/98 Cup/Third Shirt



only used in Inter’s, admittedly pretty special, 97/98 UEFA Cup campaign it's reached a ridiculously iconic status among the clubs fans. Inter, led by star man Ronaldo up top, wore the design on their way to winning the tournament and boy did they look good doing it. The design ran the risk of looking cluttered, what with it having both the sides badge and a significantly larger image of the badge running down the middle, as well as a Pirelli sponsorship. But the overall balance is just right.

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2004/05 Home Shirt



There’s a lot to love about this one. Chiefly how very 2000’s it all is. It’s big sleeves and sharp lines looked great on the pitch and we’ve gotta commend Nike for giving Inter’s badge pride of place and having the decency to take a seat on the sidelines (well, up and right a bit but you get what I’m saying). Bonus points for how good it looked specifically on Edgar Davids. 


2009/10 Home Shirt



As worn in the most successful season in Inter Milan’s history. It’s a nice enough design in its own right but for the place it occupies in the heart of Inter fans it cannot be compared. Jose Mourinho’s men defeated all comers to land an historic treble in a shirt that kept things simple. A hint of a mock neck collar nodded to the Inter designs of a decade before and the Scudetto patch and badge markings added to its very Italian flair.


2010/11 Home Shirt



Quietly revolutionary. By this point Inter had been wearing solid blue and black stripes for over 100 years, and while the 2010/11 home shirt certainly does feature blue and black stripes, their hazy, fuzzy nature was a definite deviation from the norm. The overall effect was a richness and vibrancy to the kit that rivalled any before it. 


2010/11 Away Shirt



The very best designs tie together history and modernity and in the 2010/11 season Nike absolutely nailed it. The snake has long held significance to the people of Milan. The creature has featured prominently on the city’s coat of arms for 800 years and it is a symbol that Inter as a club have leaned into heavily over the years. Indeed, for almost a decade from the late 70’s it literally was the club's badge. While many have claimed that the creature running down the side of the strip is a dragon it is a nod to the biscione (grass snake) of Milan. 


2020/21 Home Shirt



While some may argue that it is too soon to be calling this one of the all time great Inter Milan shirts we’re gonna have to disagree. The design, an apparent nod to the city’s history as a leading hub of post-modernist design, is frankly breathtaking. From the exceedingly rich tone of the blue to the textural patterns of Nike’s vapor template it’s a bona fide classic. 


2007/08 Centenary Away Shirt



Based upon the red and white flag, the centennial design is crisp and simple and was already heading for lauded territory among the Inter fans when the side wore it for their dramatic final day title clinching win against Parma. 


2016/17 Home Shirt



While the now iconic Pirelli sponsorship has never detracted from the look of an Inter kit during their 26 year relationship, it has rarely been integrated so well into the overall look as on the 2016/17 home shirt. The shirts muted, dark tones are offset beautifully by the vibrant yellow of the sponsorship as well as the players name and numbers which carried the same tone of yellow. It’s a shame that the overall design was almost derailed by some truly awful socks but still, a very strong effort.

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Words by Andy Gallagher


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